8th – 9th Grades: Your Outline

  • A four year course plan

  • Extra-curricular options based on interests

  • A standardized testing plan

  • An understanding of admission requirements and selection criteria

10th Grade: A First Draft

  • A course plan for grades 11-12

  • Moving to the next level in extra-curriculars

  • A standardized testing plan

  • An assessment of the academic profile in relation to post-secondary goals

  • Making the most of interactions with teachers, counselors and visiting college representatives

  • The in’s and out’s of college visits (try the food!)

11th Grade:  Editing and Revising your Goals

  • A course plan for grade 12

  • Paring down and digging in to extra-curriculars

  • The plan: SAT/ ACT test preparation and administration (Yipee! It’s finally here!)

  • Creation of a strategic college list

  • Making the most of interactions with teachers, counselors and college representatives

  • College visits, college fairs and demonstrated interest

  • Requesting letters of recommendation

  • Self-reflection exercises to prepare for essay writing (Who Am I?)

  • Guidance on financial aid, scholarships and for the student athlete

12th Grade: Publishing your Work

  • Final SAT and ACT advice (You may have checked that box, already!)

  • “Apply To” college list complete

  • Collecting letters of recommendation

  • Application schedule and checklist

  • Essay topics selected and professional guidance throughout the essay process

  • Application review

  • Interview strategies where needed (pull out your khakis and put away your leggings!)

  • Post-application support and acceptance guidance

Application Academy

Complete your Common Application, Coalition Application and/or University of California application with supervision and style!  Each year we offer morning and afternoon workshops for small groups of students to complete an application (not including essays).  These workshops are offered in August each year and open to all interested seniors.  

Click here to contact me for sign up information!  

Essays and Personal Statements

Student essays should feel familiar, know their audience and though polished, reflect the voice of the writer.  Amanda has years of experience helping students stand out in an applicant pool through their writing.  Contact her for more information about this service.  

My Dream College, eCourse

Feeling overwhelmed about applying for college? Wish you had an expert you could count on to get the facts but need to do it on your time?

My Dream College eCourse will help students understand what matters in college admissions, how to organize and communicate it, and be ahead of the game before applications begin!

Scroll through my recent college tours at Providence College, Brown, Salve Regina, Trinity College, Wesleyan, Quinnipiac, the US Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut College and USC!